This Malaysian Frontliner Was Obese Before Losing 25 Kg in 9 Months, Here’s Her Secret (IRL)

I spoke to the amazing Dr Nisa, a front-liner, mother-of-three, wife, and overall superwoman who…

May-August 2021 Reads

Here are the books I finished in May-August 2021: 1. Romancing Mister Bridgerton (Bridgerton Series,…

“It Was Not Rape But It Felt Like It”: Malaysian Women Share How Their Consent Was Violated (IRL)

What happened with Aziz Ansari in 2018 proves that sometimes, “consensual sex” can feel non-consensual.…

A Dystopian Malaysia: As Described by an Ambulance Paramedic

“That’s the reality now.”

My Favourite Things

According to the Sound of Music, all I have to do is remember my favourite things when I’m scared. I give it a try.

Chinese Web Novels Helped Me Understand the Chinese Psyche Better. Now I’m Horrified

TL;DR: A man who can’t control his dick and temper is sexy. Provided he is rich, of course.

The Supper of the Lamb Mandi: “Don’t Promise Me a Miracle”

I cooked lamb mandi while reflecting on The Force (Or God, as she is commonly known).

I Am in a Polyamorous Relationship With My Boyfriend. Here’s How We Make It Work (IRL)

Spoiler: It includes respect, consent, and open conversation. There is so much that monogamous vanilla couples can learn from them.