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The Recurring Characters

The Recurring Characters

I’m a lifeless loner with less friends than I have running shoes.

Most blog posts revolve around the same recurring characters that I introduce and reintroduce every single time.

So, I thought, why not save finger strength and do a comprehensive preface of my regular characters once and for all?


Here goes nothing.

Broady. Shorthand for “Broad Shoulders”. As in, shoulders that appeal tremendously to my aesthetic sensibilities. Also occasionally referred to as SILF- Shoulders I Like French. IC name Dickson. In 2017, we stood on opposite ends of this aisle where I sauntered towards him on my father’s arm. Then we signed these important looking papers and said “I do”.


Jo. Joanne L. My best friend since 2003. Once, I accidentally threw a frisbee on to the school hall’s roof. So, we foraged the school grounds for a ladder. After finding one, we hoist it through the blocks, across the field, and to the hall. Here, we propped the ladder against the roof and I scrambled up to retrieve the frisbee while she glanced nervously hoping I won’t die. Fast forward today, she makes shit loads of money writing propaganda statements to cover corporate screw ups (that is the correct definition of her job).

Gloria. Gloria Chieng. Our time together consist primarily of bitching about the patriarchy, hiking through clusters of vegetations, and clambering up man-made rocks. And then we over-order at our restaurant of choice while debating Ephesians 5:22.

Zel. Hazel May Chan. First time I met her, she had bangs and sat diagonally from me in class. Not long later, we bonded over armpit hair. In fact, she’s the reason I no longer have strands of armpit hair flowing out of my tank top. More than 10 years later, we regularly travel to distant lands to scale elevated ground and devour local cuisines.

From left: Gloria, Jo, Me, Zel, Ern (my sister) and Xin (also my sister).

The Alpukat Sisters consists of Gloria, Zel, Yeng, and yours truly. We love Alpukat. We also love nature, because nature is God’s artwork. Our favourite forms of nature are mountains, oceans, and perfectly chiseled six pack abs. We will indulge any of the above mentioned entities in a heartbeat.

The Alpukat Sisters. From L to R: Zel, Yeng, Gloria, and me.

FOOTD. First Officer Of The Day. To the poor fella that got rostered to fly with me, thank you for laughing at my jokes. And keeping me alive. Your service is forever appreciated.

Red wine. The solution to every life problem.