Aquria KLCC: Breathe Under Water
Aquria KLCC: Breathe Under Water

Aquria KLCC: Breathe Under Water

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If you fancy the underwater world, love “Finding Memo”, or simply looking to kill some time, Aquaria KLCC is perfect for you.

Do purchase a ticket online (refer to “Useful Link”). Alternatively, buy yours over the counter. If you have a MyKad (Malaysian ID), present it for a discount.

The adventure begins

After scanning our tickets at the entrance, we stepped into a world of blue, blue and bluer. To our left, bloodthirsty piranhas hover with death in their eyes… or so I expected. Instead, what awaits could pass as a Valentine’s Day plushy. Pfft… Can’t say I’m not disappointed.

Selfie with the men- eaters.

To our right, sits the gene pool. Here, visitors are welcomed to molest interact with our friendly underwater pals.

The Horseshoe Crabs getting, um, affectionate.
The Brown Banded Bamboo Shark.
My buddy and a starfish.

The saga unfolds. A variety of water creatures meet us with flailing gills and (in the case of a slothful green snake) hissing stares.

“I found dinner”, says the hubby.
One little, two little, three little fishes…
A lion and a fish walked into a bar. 9 months later, a lionfish!
The third wheel on their date.
This is the Green Arrow of the underwater world. It can shoot an accurate jet of water up to 2 metres away.
Jelly in the tank, jelly in the tank, willy- water, willy- water… 

under the sea

We arrive at a conveyor belt that glides us under an arced aquarium to create an underwater illusion. Sea corals plaster the “seabed” in an array of colors while fishes dance around singing “under the sea” (silently).

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Oh grandma, what big teeth you have.

the feeding

The area is relatively small. In under 5 minutes, we retraced our steps from exit to entrance for the otter feeding. Speaking of otters and mealtime, boy, did they work hard for their meal.

Can I keep one, please?

They twist, turn, fetched balls and high-five the audience through the solid glass. Kind of like the scene in Supergirl when Kara and Alex reciprocate a tearful “palm reunion” through the thick window of a spaceship hurling into space and impending doom. And then I straightened upon the otters’ final trick, because the trainer is holding shrimps, and I love shrimps.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the cutest of them all?

Satisfied, we exit Aquaria KLCC, and I have one thought on my mind:  My home boy HAS to propose to his girlfriend here (click on link to find out how!).

How to get there

Click here

Additional information

Don’t miss feeding time! Click here to check out the feeding schedule.

Also, “cage rage” is all the rage. Click here to find out more.

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