Behind Wonder Woman is a Man
Behind Wonder Woman is a Man

Behind Wonder Woman is a Man

P.S. Potential spoilers ahead (limited but palpable).

Wonder Woman is an integral picture of girl power and female empowerment, with legs that go on forever, and a smile that could melt the polar ice caps. She is the epitome of feminism, intrinsicly everything I expected from double W- Wonder Woman.

However, today, I break my own mold. Rather than rave about Diana (Wonder Woman)’s mean round horse kick and fearless demeanour, I urge the limelight unto the man behind the heroine: Steve Trevor.

Here are the reasons why I believe Steve Trevor is the perfect blueprint of a man:

He is his own man

A spy, pilot, and pretty much all round bad-ass. Steve is not threatened by Diana’s competence. He is comfortable playing second fiddle to a woman. His confidence in his abilities let him recognise that a woman’s strength does not diminish his masculinity.

The public conception that strong woman seek weak man makes me ROFL (Roll On the Floor with Laughter). On the contrary, she is better matched with a man who finds validation in his own fortitude. One whose ego pay little regard to his partner’s caliber.

Let her shine

“I can save today, but you can save the world,” Steve croaked before his to-be suicide mission.

No need to play “big strong man” and save the world, because he is secure enough to take a step back for Diana’s home run. The iconic scene comes to mind when Diana bounds into a shower of bullets, shield in hand, fending off attacks with her bracelets of submission. Steve patiently waits behind while Diana shines in her moment.

A real man is contended cheering from the bleachers and recognise when it’s simply not about him. Although Steven was technically down and dirty all the way, he concedes when the spot light is not his to relish.

Respect and Faith

If there is a sub-theme, it’s the brassy lack of respect the men in power have for their counterparts. When Steve and Diana barged into a military meeting, we note that the sight of a woman triggers a series of shocked expressions. This is followed by Steve’s superior officer urgently shoo-ing her out the door.

Steve’s respect for Diana is a stark contrast from his peers. His faith in her is set in stone. Although her naiveness draw out his frustration, he never belittles her wishes. He views her as an equal, an ally worthy of reverence.

Steve Trevor is everything a real man is.

But the question still begs: did Diana really need Steve Trevor?

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