Picture credit: www.ancient-origins.net

The-Nile is an Egypt- based river,

Denial is your regard fatigue a fable;

Fatigue is a gaping hole in the Swiss cheese model,

Feebly placed barriers are gravely ineffectual;

A pig with lipstick is still a pig de facto,

Can’t heal cancer with Panadol;

Don’t blame it on training,

It is not CRM’s failing;

Call a spade a spade,

Fatigue IS a grenade;

Runway incursions, altitude bust and all,

Please heed the writings on the wall;

ASRs and emails will do no good,

If you don’t attack the problem’s root;

At the heart of the trouble,

Fatigue is the causal;

Kill the denial and face the music,

That manpower is lacking sick;

Fatigue brews tragedy,

The only variable is time;

Unless over spilled milk you wish to bawl,

Snap out of your denial now;

If you wish to waddle in the-Nile,

A plane WILL end up a smouldering pile.


“Fatigue can decrease short-term memory capacity, impairs neurobehavioral performance, leads to more errors of commission and omission, and increases attentional failures.” (Cusick, Cortes & Rodrigues, 2017, p100)

“… Fatigue actually impairs our ability to judge just how fatigue we really are.” (Cusick, Cortes & Rodrigues, 2017, p230)

“… accident (and incidents) is (are) the ultimate expression of an inefficient system.” (Cusick, Cortes & Rodrigues, 2017, p137)


Cusick, S. K., Cortes, A. I. and Rodrigues, C. C. (2017). Commercial Aviation Safety, Sixth Edition. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.