Hi, I’m Chow Ping. Pleasure to meet you.

I was made, born and raised in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Since a schoolgirl in blue pinafore and metal braces, I find myself yearning for adventures. My longing propelled my sights sky- wards, and flight became my next obsession.

After secondary school, I earned a cadetship to become an airline pilot. The very nature of flight perfectly compliments my thirst for motion, appreciation for procedures, and appetite for adventure. Present day, I operate the Airbus 320.

As a result, I developed another passion that matches my love for adventure and flying: writing.

Because, what is an experience without documentation? Therefore, I developed a habit of  chronicling my exploits. In doing so, I successfully include my readers: the joy, the hope, the excitement, the grievance.

And, I long to do the same for you! Allow me to transmit your sentiments, articulate your concerns, and punctuate your exhilaration.

By virtue, I learnt that wanderlust is not confined by one’s geographical location. Rather, its limit is our imagination, amplified by the finesse of our pen.