I was made, born and raised in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Since a schoolgirl in blue pinafore and metal braces, I find myself yearning for adventures. My longing propelled my sights sky-wards, and flight became my next obsession.

After secondary school, I earned a cadetship to become an airline pilot. The very nature of flight perfectly compliments my thirst for motion, appreciation for procedures, and appetite for adventure. Present day, I operate the Airbus 320.

As a result, I developed another passion that matches my love for adventure and flying: writing.

Because, what is an experience without documentation? Therefore, I developed a habit of  chronicling my exploits. In doing so, I successfully include my readers: the joy, the hope, the excitement, the grievance.

And, I long to do the same for you! Allow me to transmit your sentiments, articulate your concerns, and punctuate your exhilaration.

By virtue, I learnt that wanderlust is not confined by one’s geographical location. Rather, its limit is our imagination, amplified by the finesse of our pen.

Your Readership is my Greatest Privilege

What started as a tool for a freelance gig is now my personal safe haven: this blog.

What better way to inflict your outlooks on the word, if not by blogging?

I’m opinionated; love motion, travel, books and believe life is too short for boredom. Therefore, I write about my expeditions, the pilot lifestyle, random musings, whatever I’m binging, and the occasional pretentious poem.

Me in a nutshell:



-Geek’s wife.

-Work in progress.

-Can’t spell for nats.

-Wonder and wander.

-Believe in the oxford comma.

-Romanticise the world with a pen.


I am what I write (and eat).