I farted on your balls,

Waltz into the hall,

You salivate over my braid,

And hence began the raid.

Tear the baby-tee off my back,

Run your lips along my neck,

Your touch cognate electricity,

Acutely test my capacity.

Any lingering virtue is severely taint,

Our neighbors lodge a noise complain,

As I’m bent over our kitchen sink,

Sweeping oxytocin race pass brink.

Deluge desire is bubbling,

Yet I can’t focus on the pounding,

Nor the tingling between my thighs,

For I only wanna look in your eyes.

We stumble to the shower,

Under the pouring water,

Slow dance to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”,

Love is our central dialect.

Adjourn to the Ramen shop,

For a Tonkotsu on the hop,

Then purchase two movie tix,

Smuggle Tealive into the mix.

At home we lay our head to rest,

Follow your drum solo on my ass,

In lieu we gossip past twilight,

-Oblivious to the dusky night.

My feelings get stronger every day,

I’m like a little girl, not in a role-playing way,

When you lean over and grab my hand,

I’m thankful to call you my man.

I promptly reminiscence the how-

My wishful prayer became a vow,

The good, the bad, the fats,

My all I lay for bets.

One year marched like a beating heart,

Still I maintain, till death do us part,

Be assured that in spite the pall,

I will always fart on your balls.