I Heart Melbourne City
I Heart Melbourne City

I Heart Melbourne City

melbourne, I’ll miss you

This might be my last trip to Melbourne for a very long time. The thought of leaving AirAsia X weighs heavy on my heart, but opportunities are waiting around the corner. And you know what Sherlock says? “Sentiment is a defect chemical found in the losing side”.

But sentiment is hefty, and I’m determined to drink in every detail this city has to offer. We stay at Ibis Hotel on Swanston Street, situated on the fringe of Melbourne City. It’s location is crazy convenient, and I love it.

Ibis Hotel Swanston Street

Of trams, buildings, and sculptures

I step into the cold breezy Australian air. Tiny droplets of rain cling to the tip of my shoulder length brown black hair. I begin a steadfast march towards the city center. Pedestrians in Melbourne City are a usual sight, so I’m not alone in my quest.

The drizzle graduates into a downpour. I raise the hood of my jacket and stick my hands into the pockets, each footstep advanced with renewed resolve. I’m surprise at the sights I’ve missed. The beauty I unknowingly graze over in my oblivious haste.

RMIT University

Cling-clang-cling-clang steals my attention as a crowded tram speeds past me. I noticed a green and purple building to my left, how such a uniquely coloured building escaped my attention beats me. Upon further inquiry, I discover that it’s the RMIT University.

Melbourne Library Sinking Building Sculpture

Soon, I arrive at a sculpture that’s never earn the time of my day. Today, I blink at the sinking building in amazement. So many questions, so little time. But those questions will have to wait till another day…

State Library of Victoria

Because I love libraries. So while I’m snapping my shutters away at random buildings and sculptures, the State Library of Victoria cannot escape my agenda.

I’m hungry

The buildings and sculptures distracted me from the growing grumble in my stomach. Only when I stumbled upon my favourite restaurant, Mekong, was I reminded. Mekong serves pho, a traditional Vietnamese rice noodle soup. During lunch hours, Mekong is always full to the brim. The workers try their best to optimise the seating space, but a line is inevitable. As usual, I opt for the sliced beef pho. A placard on the wall provide step by step instructions on how to best enjoy the noodles.

Mekong Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup
Mekong’s Interior.
I love my pho (Vietnamese noodle soup).
President Bill Clinton Had 2 Bowls. How Many Can You Have?

scroll to continue my stroll

China Town.
A busy crossroad
Melbourne Flinders Street Station

Stomach full and satisfied, I pursue my mission. I passed Chinatown and several busy crossroads. The positive energy is electrifying, and I breathe in every detail, missing Melbourne already.

Hot chocolate.

It has been said that Melbourne is the city of cafes. Therefore, I grab myself a hot chocolate to complete the experience.


I’ve had my fun here. From strutting down an alley of glowing graffiti grandeur, to darting pass street performers in hopes of beating Mind Game‘s closing time (life of a geek’s wife). Not to mention bracing the bitter cold with my set crew after a late arrival for China Bar, because it is one of the few 24 hours restaurant in the vicinity. It’s no wonder I’ve forged an attachment to this radiant and (literally) colourful city.

Strutting my zing in a Melbourne City sidewalk.

Then there was that time Gloria dropped by the day I was in town. The weather was pleasant, so we strolled down the streets and towards the Yarra River.

Photo credit: www.melbcruises.com.au

Here, people paddled in kayaks, their tone arms render me conscious of my own flabby ones. Ferries wheeze by and we waved to the tourist onboard. A teenage couple sat under a tree making out, and I actually felt bad for staring.

Chilling by Riverland with Gloria.

but its not goodbye forever

Like cheese cake and Sherlock, Melbourne city carved a unique place in my heart. The buzzing streets. The splashy buildings. The luscious food.

I’ll miss you, Melbourne. Till next time.

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