I Was Late For Work Today

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I was late for work today,

Spotted the standstill a mile away;

Brake lights flashing, horns were blaring,

I blast my radio to drown the jarring.


I was late for work today,

Waze says expect delay;

Left my home at five past eleven,

For a twelve-forty sign on, that’s abundant.


I was late for work today,

T’was a jam on Elite Highway;

3 lanes merge into 2, then one,

Those orange cones just ain’t fun.


I was late for work today,

KL traffic heeds no night nor day;

Some genius deem midnight the hour for road works,

From Hicom to Saujana, even a JaguarĀ acquire no perks.


I was late for work today,

Perhaps I should just proceed to bay;

7 years a pilot, always punctual and never tardy,

A streak tainted by an hour long crawl, just plain foolhardy.


Midnight is peak travel time,

That’s when Malaysians hit our prime;

If you must, 3-5am is when we hibernate,

I was late for work today.




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