Sweat trickle my butt crack

Perspiration line my back


My heart beating and fragile

That is how I walked the aisle


Been two years since “I do”

So much I have realised too


I realised how I love

Private time in our cove


The sonnets you read me nude

Is sexy but never lewd


We entwined like a hose

In some Kama Sutra pose


We are like night furies

Mate for life with no hurries


The sanctum of you and me

Is our hide and sanctuary


My mortality is raw to your pheromones

So let me justify this reckless and ludicrous love:


One, you treat me as an equal

Submission between us is mutual


Two, your humble modesty

Speak volumes to maturity


Three, you respect my “no”

Consent is our greatest L.O.


Four, your secured masculinity

Unthreatened by fierce feminity


Five, you’re my sweetest wet dream

I always want you on my, uh, team


Six, your broad shoulders

Did I mention broad shoulders?


My man, my love, my calvary

Happy anniversary!