Sex doesn’t sell. Kisses do. And here are my picks for favourite TV kisses:
Sex doesn’t sell. Kisses do. And here are my picks for favourite TV kisses:

Sex doesn’t sell. Kisses do. And here are my picks for favourite TV kisses:

The sweetest kiss: Kara and Mon El (Supergirl)

Mon El thinks he’s going to die. Kara thinks Mon El is going to die. Kara’s Earth mum thinks Mon El is going to die. I don’t think Mon El is going to die, because what kind of blockhead screen writer pulls on our heartstrings then kills off a love interest… Oh wait, there’s How I Met Your Mother.

Anyway, a deadly virus has infected Mon El. Pale face and dreamy eyes, he puts his palm on Kara’s cheek and utters, “You know, you look beautiful. The weight of all these worlds is on your shoulders”. I expect him to blink twice, shed a tear, and then lay back on that fluffy pillow. But instead, he bends over, and FREAKING KISSES HER! A trickle of saliva remains when they pull apart. But who cares? It’s so sweet!

Spoiler: He doesn’t die.

The most breath taking kissNick and Jess (New Girl)

The kick in this one is the element of surprise. Sure, they have been shooting puppy eyes at each other since the pilot, but I expected the producers to drag the will-they-won’t-they for at least another season or so.

So, here they are, talking about coats, when suddenly, he just grabs her like a man and starts sucking her face. I pride myself in being able to predict these possible entanglements pretty well, so imagine my surprise at the jaw dropping snogging action taking place half feet from my face.


The steamiest kiss: Jess and Nick (Also New Girl)

A couple of episodes have come and gone since without the pair expressing any interest in commitment. Therefore, I didn’t expect much from this episode. Jess tells Schmidt and Nick about the faithful day she, um, gave away her flower. Her flower-taker is in town, and she plans to meet him. Nick doesn’t seem very happy about it, and you can cut the tension with a knife.

Just as the escalator is about to clam shut, Nick pushes the doors back, breathes, strides confidently to Jess’ side, and scoops her up in a swoon worthy darling carry. He then carries her back into the loft they share with 2 other people, and plants on her a kiss so steamy, they could boil an egg.


The most heart warming kissFitz and Simmons (Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D)

To be honest, I wasn’t a loyal Fitz and Simmons shipper. Actually, I really wanted her to end up with the astronaut guy. Perhaps because Dillon Casey died such a tragic death on Nikita.

But this kiss is definitely my pick for most heart warming kiss. Fitz nearly drowns, “digs a hole in the universe”, not to mention his death wish style confrontation with bad guys and big guns. All that, just for Jemma Simmons.

Then he finally gets to kiss her. Aaawww…

The most romantic kiss: Peggy Carter and Daniel Sousa (Agent Carter)

Daniel chisels Peggy as bait, and of course she bites. “Got nothing to say? No quick come back?”

So she “comes back”, and attacks him with a “Hollywood kiss”. Fun fact: A Hollywood kiss is one where the concerned parties move their faces but not their lips. And then I rewatched this video so many times it’s unhealthy.

This is my idea of romantic, so sue me.

The sexiest kiss: Sherlock Holmes and Molly Hooper (Sherlock)

This is my all time favourite TV kiss! Sherlock jumps through a glass window, releases a carabiner, fixes his coat, and ruffles his hair. At this point of time, he looks as cool as a cucumber from the freezer, and I nearly bite my tongue chewing too hard on my biscuit.

The entire time, his sights are set on Molly. He strides over, tilts his head, and my heart is thumping so hard I can feel it in my toes. Then, somebody rewrite wikipedia, because HE PLACES ON HER THE SEXIEST KISS MODERN TV HAS EVER SEEN!

Disclaimer: I dig the will-they-won’t-they thrill. And ruffled hair. And elevators. Which is how I arrived at this list. Disagree with me? Do share!

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