Sherlock Pierced a Hole into My Heart
Sherlock Pierced a Hole into My Heart

Sherlock Pierced a Hole into My Heart

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

His mental prowess and brilliant deductive skills par with, if not trump, Detective Conan (looks like he’s the standard). In place of bow tie and glasses, he dons a Belstaff coat and trademark deerstalker cap. Although many adaptions surround this legendary character, one takes the cake: BBC’s “Sherlock”.

4 seasons later, I remain dumfounded by Sherlock Holmes’s acute perception and superior deduction. In equal measure, his obnoxious demeanor provides endless entertainment value. His inability to pick up on everyday social cues is astounding, or dare I say? Borderline sexy. A scene when John Watson enlists his help as Best Man comes to mind.

Speaking of John Watson, the loyal sidekick is the Robin to Sherlock’s Batman. I suspect Sherlock will fail to perform at his current proficiency without the support and backing of John. John is not a wallflower, nor a doormat. He is his own man, a solid and sturdy character. His medical background proves instrumental to Sherlock’s sleuthing. I applaud the writers for a job well done shaping John’s caliber.

To aid us through Sherlock’s thought process, virtual words and characters materialize next to his object of interest. For example, upon observing that a lady’s ring is clean, a single word “clean” appears abeam the jewelry. This gives us a sense of Sherlock’s train of thoughts.

Sherlock’s frustration and emotions are painstakingly graphic. When faced with imminent death, his tussle to stay alive is depicted by an enclosed room, followed by his attempts to escape the area. On another occasion, he walks up the wall as a clue to his confusion and frustration. These scenes are vivid, and thoroughly narrate Sherlock’s inner demons.

Also, what is a TV series without some will-they-won’t-they suspense? Molly Hopper works at the morgue where Sherlock frequents. Her crush on Sherlock is as glaring as a full moon on a cloudless night, and fans are divided over the portrayal of her unrequited love. Personally, I admit to being an avid “Sholly” shipper.

As Season 4 drew to an end, my disposition resembled one that got dumped. The season ends on a flexible note, should they choose to discontinue the series, yet presents sufficient pivot for possible continuations. The producers and actors are unable to confirm the future of the show. However, they hint that season 5 (should it come to past) would be a few years along. The series have previously aired with irregular intervals between seasons. Given the actors’ other commitments, this might be the longest wait yet.

As for me, I confess: the series pilot had me pining for a hotter Sherlock. Perchance, one that bears no uncanny resemblance to an otter (superficial, I apologize, Benedict Cumberbatch.). I struggled to apprehend his sex appeal. Naturally, I was flabbergasted at his growth on me. Indifference turned to fancy thereupon awe. So, I took a number behind half of Earth’s female population. Unknowingly, I converted and “set feminism back”. I became a “Cumberbitch”.

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