We are all complex beings 

with cognitive dissonances 

but people don’t like complexity—

even the ones who say they do, don’t. 

They just want consistency. 

Is the human brain wired to 

scramble at inconsistencies? 

Picture credit: Tetyana Kovyrina @ pexels

So the only way to keep the peace is 

to create a smokescreen 

to shield the internal conflicts you have 

because your honesty about your dissonance 

will only become another’s weapon against you.

All while they stay blind 

to their own blatant dissonance

all while they struggle 

to keep their smoke screen intact—

a smokescreen formed from 

unresolved trauma and egocentricity. 

The harder one works on their smokescreen

the deeper they bury their dissonance.

Everybody has a smokescreen. 

Nobody cares what’s 

behind your smokescreen. 

They only care that they have 

a better smokescreen. 

They only care that 

your smokescreen is there—

and that it’s consistent.

So you have two options—

don’t let them look 

behind your smokescreen 

or create a smokescreen 

so absorbable that 

your dissonance merges with it.

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