Some days…

Sanction my passive narration,

Spare me the anguish of active participation.

Watch my introvert self stomp mercilessly over my seemingly extrovert front.


And some days…

My fight drains out and determination shimmers and thaw,

I clutch my confidence like a drowning man for a straw.

I’m in relentless pursuit for self-redemption, if only I could muster the courage.


Then some days…

Every move is reduced to a chore,

The cup is half empty and a total bore.

I trot around in zombie-mode, and binge on sugar like a zombie on brains.


But some days…

I haggle with self-doubt, tame my chaos,

Bark my resolve into submission, and manhandle my grit.

I whip self-loathing into a sorry pulp with heavy, gasping breaths.



The sun always rises in the morning,

Light peeks at the end of every tunnel,

And even Noah’s ark eventually settled on solid ground.



The journey garnish its destination,

A view is valued at a thousand climbs.

And gulp a big dose of imperative fuel- your dignity, self-respect and worth.