The Lee Family: Our Affair with Books
The Lee Family: Our Affair with Books

The Lee Family: Our Affair with Books

Ian Dory, rock climber and ninja veteran, starts his daughter young on a climbing wall.

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Some parents plop their kids on a piano stool pre-preschool; others are taught to serve shuttlecocks before their first solid meal. Where I’m from? My parents shove literary material into our tiny hands during potty time.

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If there is one word synonym to the Lee Family name, it’s books.

Below are several points that epitomise the Lees’ relationship with wordy tomes:


In my early years, money was tight. A family has got to eat, but we spent the bare minimum on food. 50 cents curry puffs? No. An extra t-shirt? Absolutely not.

Books? Splash away!

“Never stinge on books” was my father’s motto.

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Most of us have longer relationships with some books than we do any romantic partner. Off my head, I name the Christy Miller series my bible and greatest influencer.

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If the Vulcan greeting is “live long and prosper”, the Lee greeting is “what’cya reading?”

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Books take precedence over human beings. If there is one remaining empty seat in the car, the books ride. Human being, take the bus. True story.

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It’s your birthday! Now, predict your birthday gift. Is it a book? Or is it, gasp, two books?!

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A looming school exam calls for a sanction on leisure reading.

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Score well in said school exams, and you will be rewarded with… wait for it… books!

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Book fairs are a big deal. Every minute there is precious. Therefore, we gorge an enormous breakfast to prep. The last thing we need is to sacrifice book time for lunch!

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We had strong opinions that MPH bookstore wrap their books to prevent browsers. How to read now?! What kind of rubbish policy is this?!!

P.S: Dear MPH, it wasn’t this way before. You changed.

P.P.S: Thank you, MPH staff, for entertaining my constant bugging.

P.P.P.S: Also, I apologise for the wasted plastic.

P.P.P.P.S: Here’s an idea to save the environment: don’t wrap your books.

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Running, cooking, throwing a punch, how to tail a suspicious looking character down a busy street- we learnt it from a book.

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Our default meeting place in church or at the mall is the library or bookstore.

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You are severely judged for your choice in genre.

P.S: I stand by the institution of Chick Lit.

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Very often, the government’s tax exemption limit for books is insufficient to cover our total literary cost.

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By age 9, I knew that my father’s “5 minutes only” before disappearing into a bookstore really meant “2 hours. Minimum”.

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The way to a Lee’s heart is …

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Fun note: My best friend practically lives in a library, I’m talking about her room. She eventually earned first class honours in english literature, and currently makes a living (a lot of money!) writing propaganda statements to cover screw ups (although she might disagree with my definition of her job).

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