Actual picture of big bird on a runway =D (for those who don’t get it, think Sesame Street) Photo credit:

Note: Today, I was flying along with the FOOTD. We’re minding our own business, enjoying the supposedly easy approach into Langkawi Island when suddenly a voice cracks over the radio. “There’s a bird carcass on the runway”, says the air traffic controller.


There’s a dead bird on the runway-

Did an aircraft run over he?

Why didn’t he run away?

Is it suicidal tendency?


“Hold at DAKOV*”,

Langkawi radar says objectively,

I’m slightly pissed off,

Of course bird carcass gets priority.


I chime the SCC** to inform her,

Kenapa burung tak mati dekat tempat lain?”***

“Kann… buat kacau jerrr…”****

The bird’s choice-d deathplace, I so cannot explain.


After 8 minutes of excruciating holds,

300 kg of fuel we just killed,

“Cleared for the approach” finally we’re told,

And now we’ve got to refuel.



*Waypoint in Langkawi.

** Senior Cabin Crew

*** Why don’t the bird choose somewhere better to die?

**** Exactly my thoughts! This is a great inconvenience.