I spoke to the amazing Dr Nisa, a front-liner, mother-of-three, wife, and overall superwoman who lost 25 kg in 9 months!

Her fitness journey was impressive, but what I found really impressive is her attitude.

I have friends who asked if I was sad when I put on weight. The answer is NO!
To be honest, although my weight did affect me psychologically in some ways, I have always been happy, overweight or not.
Back then, I did neglect myself as I juggled my studies and home life, causing my weight gain. Nonetheless, I was prioritising my children. Prioritising my studies. Thus, I had no time to exercise.
There is no shame in that.
Do I like where I am now? Yes. But do I regret where I was before when I prioritised what was important to me? No.

That is self-love we could all learn from.

Click HERE to read Dr Nisa’s story, as published on www.inreallife.my.

Feature image credit: Andres Ayrton @ Pexel