When I Was…
When I Was…

When I Was…

Dear Papa,

When I was seven,

You told me about hell and heaven;

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light,

By His blood, we are saved day and night.

When I was ten,

Untasty food launch me into a rant;

You taught me to eat everything on the table,

Because this reflect that our character is stable.

When I was eleven,

Popo passed around a quarter to seven;

You said: “For every situation, in the Lord- rejoice”,

“Even if it doesn’t make sense, again I say, rejoice”.

When I was thirteen,

I asked: “What if mama is fat and not lean?”;

You lowered your newspaper and illustrated true love,

By saying: “Then there is more for me to love”.

When I was fourteen,

You showed me hard work and discipline;

Determination is all we need,

Deligence brings us up to speed.

When I was sixteen,

Add maths just wasn’t my scene;

You explained X, Y, and functions,

Till the subject was no more my dysfunction.

When I was eighteen,

Cadetship was all I’m keen;

You drove, drilled and prepared me,

The reason today I fly with glee.

When I was twenty-five,

You never cease in your plight to thrive;

Piano, taekwando, theology,

Achievements are definitely part of your biology.

Today, I am twenty-seven,

Still my inspiration and motivation;

Your teachings keep me safe at bay,

I love you papa, Happy Father’s Day!

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