You. I. Ride or Die.
You. I. Ride or Die.

You. I. Ride or Die.

Four years ago I 

succumbed to 

my primal 


Because what’s more 

primal than to claim 

one as your own?

A pair of rings and a 

piece of paper to 

mark marital 


social monogamy sexual 

monogamy and genetic 


But Nora Ephron was wrong 

because I did not desire 

to be single again

When bullets fly over us, at us

—almost through us, you

stand back to back 

with me in the 


When I am with you, I have 

thoughts that are not 

progressive, 21st 

century, nor 


We’re cannon, we’re endgame 

we’re the perfect balance of 

sex, romance and 


You and I

Ride or 


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