Hi, I'm Chow Ping

If you run a flight school 🛩️ ...
within the next 6 minutes and 54 seconds, you will realize your need for me to fill your hangar with student pilots

(and X2.5 the opt-in rate of your landing page with a game-changing lead magnet: a Killer Email Course)

Once upon a time, I was an airline captain.

But now, I ghostwrite Educational Email Courses for commercial flight schools.

(Nope, not on boring topics like * yawn * theory of flight. My content is geared toward prospects with a short attention span and no aviation knowledge.)

Some people say I'm a solid ghostwriter.

I sure hope they're right. Because as author Zid Ziglar said, bad ghostwriters have skinny kids. (No? That's not what he said?)

"What on earth is this pilot doing — calling herself a ghostwriter?!" you ask

Fair question.The thing is, I realized I was a writer a long time ago.But I only became a writer during the COVID-19 pandemic when borders closed, planes were grounded, and toilet paper became a scarce commodity 🧻

In between sanitising my fingernails and obsessive-googling covid symptoms, I began writing for money.

- Published a short story with Fixi Novo (known for their edgy, innovative storytelling) that was adapted for a video project by StoryFest Singapore
- Ghost-wrote a leadership book for a prominent speaker
- Created effective direct-response copy for one of Singapore’s top recruitment consultants
- Received an offer to ghostwrite a Penguin Random House book
- Wrote a viral human-interest story about the Malaysian school system for In Real Life that received 37,523 views
- And many more (some we shall not discuss in this pure and professional sales letter)


BOOM!I ... I ... I ...

I got pregnant.

Popping my beautiful, wailing baby did something to the chemicals in my brain.Jetting off in my pilot uniform every few days is no longer a viable option — not until my little girl learns to fix her own breakfast, that is.So I consolidated all the skills I accumulated thus far.

Aviation expertise
Direct-response marketing
ConvertKit skills (email automation tool)

And decided to help flight schools X2.5 the opt-in rates of their website with an Educational Email Course.“An edu blah bla-what?”

An Educational Email Course (EEC).

📧 A 5-day email sequence
📧 Professionally packaged
📧 Breaks down a topic into small digestible chunks
📧 Takes the reader through a well-curated flow
📧 Highlights their pain points
📧 Answers their questions
📧 Addresses their objections
📧 Builds a relationship with them
📧 Primes them to enroll as a student in your flight school

Check out this Educational Email Course I banged out recently 👇

(The text and image below are hyperlinks. Click on either to be transported to the most edgy EEC on the internet)

5 Dangerous Mistakes Parents Make With Their Pre-Teen’s Enrichment Activities That Crush Learning (And How To Avoid Them)

My influencer friend, Vivian, posted the EEC as an Instagram story

Vivian has 53k followers.Instagram’s algorithm showed her story to 2,540 followers.(Which is about 4.7% of her followers, but more on that later.)Out of her 2,540 viewers, 230 clicked on the link to my EEC landing page, which is a 9% conversion rate.And out of the 230 who viewed my landing page, 58 subscribed to my EEC. That’s a 25% conversion rate.

The Aspiring Commercial Aviator's Suitability Checklist
Vivian Foo Instagram profile

For context, the average landing page conversion rate across all industries is 2.35%, according to Campaign Monitor.Flight school marketing expert, Right Rudder Marketing cites a 10% conversion rate as typical in the flight school market.

This means that my 25% conversion rate outperformed the typical flight-school conversion rate by 15%.Or in other words...

I can help you 2.5X the opt-in rate of your flight school website with an Educational Email Course.

This might not sound like big numbers to you, but consider this.📱 I achieved this result in the mere 24 hours that Vivian’s IG story was live
📱 Imagine how many more conversions you can pull off with more time
📱 Think of the potential if you permanently link your EEC on your profile/as a featured post/pinned tweet
📱 Consider the number of leads you will gain by using your EEC as the Call To Action on your flight school website

🧮 🧮 🧮

Furthermore, think of this EEC in the context of some napkin maths.If you garner 500 visitors to your EEC landing page.And 25% of them opt in…That’s 125 people on your email list.If only 1% of those people enroll in your flight school as a student…… you get 1 student.Which is $20,000 extra revenue if the student earns a Private Pilot License! More if they go on to earn an Instrument Rating or a Commercial Pilot License.$20,000 for the price of an EEC — that ROI is super worth it, no?

Yes, I'll ghostwrite an Educational Email Course for you

📧 5 days of engaging, information-packed lessons
📧 A 3-day pitch sequence at the end of the EEC
📧 Limitless edits
📧 All the tech covered (domain, landing page, the email marketing platform — I will handle it all)
📧 Literally, all you have to do is hash out the outline with me, then sit back and watch the leads roll in

"Wait a minute. You said ‘bottom’! Your EEC is so unprofessional!" you exclaim.

I did use the word ‘bottom’ in the hook. Wait till you hear that the earlier version rhymes with 'lass'.To your point, The Aspiring Commercial Aviator Checklist was not meant to be professional.But as a ghostwriter who routinely writes formal business content, I assure you of my ability to produce material that aligns with your professional image.(Even if I do it while sucking on a lollipop.)

"Well, I'm not convinced that you can capture my voice."

ChatGPT tells me that my writing style is casual, candid, uses unconventional language choices with a dash of empathetic realism. (Thanks ChatGPT! Because my human friends say ‘nihilistic’)Thankfully I have mastered the art of mimicking writing voices.In fact, if you’ve been prolifically living on the Internet, you might have chanced upon some of my ghostwritten content.I am like the shape-shifting Skrull aliens in the Marvel comics, except with writing voices.I’ll write an EEC for your flight school in a voice so much like yours that your mother will be convinced it’s you.Better still, I will ...✍️ Write in aviation lingo that is second nature to me
✍️ (I did start flying before I could legally drink & pass my first airline interview in my teens).
✍️ Use a ghostwriting trick called The Voice Paradigm
✍️ (Which follows a formulaic method that instantly transforms content into a style that represents the author's voice)

"I’m not convinced I need an EEC tho," you say.

Close your eyes.Imagine a pile of cash on the table in front of you.Now stretch out your right hand to grab the cash… and…Poof!The cash disappears!!That’s exactly what is happening to you right now.Chances are that tons of aspiring pilots land on your page every day (they are browsing your site as we speak).They land on your site.They appreciate your content.They are interested in your flight school…… but not interested enough to reach out — because reaching out feels like a commitment.So they leave your site… and move on to the next flight school site.And you are out of sight, and out of mind.Which is really sad.Because they could have been students at your school!(This is especially the case if you have paid traffic. Or engaging social media content that directs them to your site. All that hard work goes to waste if you don’t have a mechanism to capture their email)Very often, people just want more information before they reach out.And you close that gap between casual browsing and an inquiry call with… you’ve got it…An Educational Email Course.

"That’s novel, but I have no need to capture web traffic. Because prospects usually reach out to me via social media," you continue.

Social media is great. Millennial me personally adore social media.But! I regret that social media is as flaky as an airspeed indicator with a blocked pitot tube.Because your social media audience is ‘rented’.👎 An algorithm you do not have control over determines your content viewability
👎 If the platform's policy changes, your influence might disappear overnight
On the other hand…👍 An 'owned' audience trusts you with their personal information
👍 You have more control over who is exposed to your content
👍 You are no longer at the mercy of the social media platform
Email is an 'owned' platform.By moving your social media followers to an email list, you...👉 Mitigate the risk of losing your influence
👉 Reach a wider audience
👉 Email lists open rate is 50% or move
👉 while social media algorithm means only 5-25% of followers see your content (only 4.7% of Vivian’s followers saw my content!)

“Lalala, boring stats. Tell me how an EEC will actually attract more aspiring pilots to enroll in my flight school!”

📧 X2.5 the opt-in rate of your landing page and attract more students to your flight school
📧 Grow an email list you can build a relationship with, so they know, like, trust you
📧 Instantly establish yourself as the authority in flight training by becoming the author of a desired resource on flight training

You can X2.5 your leads with your own Educational Email Course. I'll ghostwrite it for you

However, as much as it pains me to say this, due to the labor-intensive nature of creating an Educational Email Course, I can only take on two projects a month.So if you would like your flight school to be among the two, kindly book your spot as soon as possible.Can't wait to chat!

Thank You For Your Interest!

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